Why counselling and why now?

Counselling is the contract between two or more people which allows the counsellor to offer a safe and confidential space without judgement to the the client, or clients.


People seek counselling for a great many reasons, including:

  • bereavement
  • depression
  • relationship difficulties
  • confusion surrounding sexual orientation
  • loss - including the loss of status due to unemployment and other major changes in life circumstances

The decision to seek counselling, particularly if  it is the first time, often involves a degree of real soul searching and questioning, for example:

  • "What will happen in the counselling session?" 
  • "Will I like my counsellor, and will they like me?"
  • "Will I be able to trust my counsellor?"
  • "Will my counsellor be able to 'fix' me?"
  • "Is my need for counselling a sign of weakness?"

There are as many answers to these questions as there are people!

Counselling should result in an increase in awareness which is part of a process of real and (hopefully) lasting change. This change comes from the person; it is not imposed upon him or her, but instead evolves through an often gradual realisation that to live authentically we need to confront those issues which keep us from truly being ourselves. It is the counsellor's role to accompany you on that journey and to offer you a relationship in a space free from judgement and free from pre-conditions where you feel heard and valued for who you are.